PERMITS & Applications


All new houses or dwellings will require a Building Permit.
Any alterations or additions to existing dwellings that will exceed $10,000.00 will also need a Building Permit.
Re-roofing, residing, finishing or interior surfaces and installation of cabinetry are exempt from permit requirements.
The current building inspector for the Town of Frankfort is Fred Weber Inspections Phone-715-556-0066
Before building or expanding on your property, please submit a Zoning Acknowledgement Form to the Town Clerk. 
This form is required for any new construction and for new (proposed) land uses on existing parcels.

Zoning Acknowledgement Form

Before constructing a new access point onto a Town Road, please submit a Highway Access Permit Application.  Access onto County Roads must go through the County Zoning Office. 715-672-8897

Highway Access Permit Application

BURNING PERMITS - Please contact one of our Board members for a burning permit for any fires that are 10 feet or more in diameter.


Please contact the Pepin County Zoning Department for the following permits:

- Septic
- Driveway
- Fire Number

715-672-8897 or